What a beautiful morning..! Poème par Amina Djaïb/ Algerie

!What a beautiful morning
You can smell the sun on my sheets
You can hear the birds sing
.The heartbeat of the world
!What a day to be alive
And what a world to live in
I’d say good morning
If I weren’t mourning
They say
Not all who wander are lost
?But perhaps I am
Or not even wandering
Standing still
Caught in some
Soufi transe
Except I am no soufi
?Are you
I’m not even sure
Who I am
If there’s such a question
And an answer to it
,I wonder
How it would be like
If we met again
I’d be on a sidewalk
You’d be coming in an opposite direction
You’d see me and I’d see you
We’d both smile
And know
We’ve had it the best we could
There is no way, I would have loved you
Any more
Any less
And no way for you
.To have loved me at all

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