par سامح الجملي من تونس.hopeless romantic

This fire that we call Loving is too strong for human minds. But just right for human souls. it’s a simple equation if you love him or love her, a huge toll must be payed, “sacrifice”, a simple word but a hard deed, go on walk threw the flames of hell and never blink or look back, for myself even these flames couldn’t keep me warm, had to do it over and over walk into a certain death.why wouldn’t I do it, it’s worth it, just every time i have to push harder and dig deeper to satisfy her needs, let me introduce her first , easy smiles and gentle teasing, black inky hair and reassuring hands ,warm hugs and forehead kisses isn’t that beautiful? come forward she said and let me whisper in your ear << if you stay with me I will kill you bit by bit that’s what I do to those who love me wanna survive drop your pride and be my slave>>. such a silky pleasant voice, I didn’t understand a word coming of her mouth but I said yes.. days passed till i lost count day dreaming, night dreaming about you ,flirting and making jokes coffee and cold drinks such a perfect weather until the howling wind broke in, shattering our beautiful relation, angry frustrated, jealous and impatient I become, such a man didn’t exist in me nevertheless I was dominated evrey time because of the fear of losing you. yet once I was all burned out you sit down there , me waiting for you to fix me but all you did is giving up and leaving saying these words<< can’t help those who won’t to better themselves…

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