Pandemic bars… Dr. Nada Bouzidi Algeria

The invisible war is here
The dress dialect

On its horse
Winter nights

“Get ready”
That was the last call
:It was said
“?So what do you promise, you princes”
An army of the best of our white armies
It is all we have
Against these black days
Later they will answer the call
?Or just blind trust
I forgot you were theirs
!Unjust in thick
I was afraid they left
They fend off abuse
We are not encouraged by their experiences
Food kebabs

Don’t be afraid, my son
They will not themselves be enemies
They will not rebel against a section of text
He has to issue a fatwa

Microscopic fighting intensified
It shrinks the lung
The rest of the organs are suffocated
It was even more deadly reckless
Of gravel
But it is straight
Attack the arrogance of pride
There is no difference for the poor
The property of the wealthy
It quenches the disease
Difficult to drug
Everyone will rest in that shrine
To recover
With arms in the muscles
Under the air cover
Zero numbers
It broadcasts in the news
To the souls of the dead of war
No blood shed
Do not shoot
Hear the echoes
Not only exhalation disappoint
To steal particles of air

The commander cried and said
We will part with loved ones
Turns the hands and blames fate
In lament
The wily was overrun
All areas were wiped out
The crowd swarmed
In tears of crying
You only hear howling noises
Difference between families
Sons and siblings
Holidays banned
And groups of friends
Everyone hastened between their walls
In hiding
The bustle of the city fell silent
As if it were a desert
The gardens have faded
She became barren
When will the nightmare end
We breathe a sigh of relief
Everyone dances with happiness
“?Singing to heal”

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